Network Security

Network security has become a great concern for government agencies, ecommerce companies and web developer organizations. It is network security testing that makes you understand the vulnerabilities affecting your network in a way similar to a hacker’s attack but meant to improve one’s security.

Why to do network security testing?

Network systems are frequently undergoing malicious attacks from cyber criminals, organized hackers, and also ex-employees. Thus these networks lose defensive power almost completely. As a result, the companies have to suffer from a lot of financial and reputational damage. Only an early and strong concern about network security testing can save the companies from longtime financial sufferings. It has a lot of beneficial effects such as:

  • It identifies the potential threats affecting the networking system before the attack of a hacker.
  • It presents detailed information about the vulnerabilities as well as possible measures to overcome these in order to ensure risk free business.
  • It helps to point out the effects of the threats on one’s business.
  • It enumerates the power of your network controlling system to make a defense to the outsider attacks by entering into your network with the same point of view of a hacker.
  • It plays an important role in the reduction and elimination of attacks that may violate the flow and success of one’s business.

How we perform the network security testing?

Our expert team includes auditors, investigators, presenters, organizers, and reviewers who have made the total process of network security testing a well planned and qualified one. In addition to technical discipline, we research about the newer modes of security attacks to become confident about our work and perform the testing with the most effective methods and tools to meet our customer’s requirements. These are some types of tests we conduct.

Whitebox testing:

This is the type of testing where information about design, configuration, addressing, source code, and infrastructure is known to the tester during testing. It is done to simulate an insider attacker who knows about pinpointing a networking system. As it is the worst possible way of attack, we do this testing more carefully to minimize the chance of this type of attack.

Blackbox testing:

This is the type mostly done to prevent a malicious outsider attack. We perform the testing to figure out the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker based on publicly available information.

Greybox testing:

With this type, testing is done with the information of a network diagram, IP addressing simulating user access to the system. It is useful to minimize insider attacks from user levels.

Red or blue team assessment:

This type is done to get an idea about all the possibilities for attackers to gain access to the networking system. It is used to qualify and quantify operational readiness.

So, it is true that we provide the world’s best network security testing to save the organizers and developers from business hazards. Undoubtedly, our service can protect your network from being insecure and from the sophisticated attacks.

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